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Putting the Past Behind You

Posted on December 11, 2015 at 1:37 PM
When you start a relationship you have a one track mind...your boyfriend. When you break up you are unfortunately left with a one track mind...your ex-boyfriend.  So when you do put this all aside and start to only think of YOURSELF?
 You don't have to think about the past, the memories or what you perceive that your missing out on. It would be far better to be free than weighted down by a relationship that just didn't work. 

However after you are out of it, you don't seem to know how to really be free.  Your heart seems stuck and you feel unable to move toward a future that is yet uncharted.    It is like you are alone in the cold and can't seem to find a way inside. There are far too many precious hours that go by to keep dwelling on the -" If Only". 

 You must remember that time lost can never be recovered.  You don't want to loose days dwelling and looking back, because days turn to weeks and weeks into years. Time you can never change.

 After a break up live only for yourself, it is time to be selfish.  After a break up find new activities adventures, experiences.  Change things, experiment with things, explore new directions and avenues. YOU choose your thoughts, YOU choose your behaviors and YOU choose your NEW happiness.  
However remember change is a daily and sometimes even an hourly process and if you have a down moment, you are entitled and you will get back up and move forward once again. Just remember life must move forward, regret is probably more painful than heartache. Look for your happiness and find your DESTINY.  If you need help in finding that destiny and knowing where or when this will happen for you, let a Psychic Juliana help you, and put your life on the road to renewal.

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Categories: Relationships and Issues

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Great post about Putting the Past Behind You.Thanks for your publication.

There are issues in life that looks like there's no end at all. We all have hardships, that we think we can't overcome, because the only option we think is giving up, we never actually think of a solution of overcoming those. Life doesn't come in an easy way, because if it is, people will take things for granted. We are lucky that in the past, we survived the things we thought we can't. Just make the past an inspiration and make the new one an opportunity to become a better person.
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Putting your past behind is the one thing you should be having the idea to know more about it. Bringing the change which is meant to be good for the sake of people that are concern with the past attached.
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Great post about Putting the Past Behind You.Thanks for your publication.

I agree that the time lost cannot be recovered. We don't have the power to go back to the past, but we have the capacity to make our future better. Explore a new world, discover new activities and try out new things. In that way, you no longer need to live with the past. As what you mentioned, every story has an end but in life, every end is a new beginning. Go on with your life, God has better plans for you.
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