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Astrological BIrth Chart and Psychic Readings

Posted on August 22, 2013 at 1:30 AM
We are all individual souls, we all have a destiny. There is much to be said about the time and exact place of our Birth. At that very moment when we are born the soul registers the exact opportune time to enter the world. This then is a guide that many can literally look at and know how to exact their free will and when to do so. Each person’s Astrological  Chart can give us the basic information of
what desitny they are born into, it is their free will that can forever change what was meant to happen for them at the time of their birth and the placement of the planets, moon, sun and the Universe as a whole.
We are not jjust floating around on an accidental breese. As people we have the capacity to look at our own astrology chart and determine what we need to do and how we need to change in order to achieve the things that are most important to us. The Astrological l Chart that we each have showing how and where everything was situated at the moment of our birth, can be used as a GUIDE BOOK
to help  us to reach our best and highest goals and purposes. Our Astrological Chart can also be of paticular assistance when looking psychically at any situation in our lives. It tells us how the planets affect our mood and actions in the way they were set upon our birth. With that knowledge we can then
exact the most change in our lives to give us the happiness we desire.
There are many different types of Astrological Charts, as there are people who make them. However
it is imperative to get an Astrological Chart with the exact accuracy to assist in the best possible way.
Get a detailed chart made just for you. This combined with a definitive Psychic Reading can help you to chart your path and lead you to the GROWTH and SUCCESS you so richly deserve.
Psychic Juliana can be reached for both of these services, A detailed Astrological Birth Chart is
$15.00 and as always new clients reading is specially priced at 20 mins for $20 or 30 mins for $30.
In Love and Light


Categories: Psychic Energies

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